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Map of Michigan Counties High Country Pathway Kalkaska County Crawford County Oscoda County Montmorency County Presque Isle County Black Mountain Pathway Big Bear Point State Forest Campground Jordan Valley Pathway Warner Creek Pathway Graves Crossing State Forest Campground Pinney Bridge State Forest Campground Big Bear Lake Pathway Pine Baron Pathway Pickerel Lake Pthway Otsego Lake State Park Johnson's Crossing State Forest Trail Camp Big Bear Lake Rustic Campground Lake Marjory Rustic Campground Round Lake Rustic Campground Pigeon Bridge Rustic Campground Elk Hill State Forest Trail Camp Pigeon River Rustic Campbround Pickerel Lake Rustic Campground Beaver Island Rustic Campground Pine Grove State Forest Campground Stoney Creek Trail Camp Black Lake Rustic Campground Twin Lakes Rustic Campground Haakwood State Forest Campground Weber Lake Rustic Campground Maple Bay Rustic Campground High Country Pathway Inspiration Point Shingle Mill Pathway Wildwood Hills Pathway Spring Brook Pathway Lost Tamarack Pathway Aloha State Park Wilderness State Park Cheboygan State Park Burt Lake State Park Petoskey State Park Young State Park Fisherman's Island State Park