PART I: Introduction


When the Private Lands Working Group discussed and approved the creation of this publication, it was evident that it would take the efforts of many individuals in order for it to be a success. With enthusiasm, the individuals or organizations detailed or noted below have contributed to this publication and demonstrated unequivocal commitment to the conservation and preservation of our Michigan natural resources. Together we had a vision -- together we accomplished our goal. Thank you.

First and foremost, thanks must be bestowed to Mr. Tom Huggler, Outdoor Images, who was hired to write the first draft of this publication. Tom persevered through endless meetings with the enthusiasm and the dedication of a true conservationist. 

Another individual who made enormous contributions to this landowner guide is Ms. Amy Berry, MDNR, Wildlife Division. Amy has impacted all aspects of this guide through writing, editing, graphic design, and artwork. She arrived in May 1998 with a variety of skills and has demonstrated commendable commitment. Other individuals who provided artwork are Mr. Mitch Smith, former MUCC Art Director, and Ms. Marie Gougeon, MSG Graphics. As you can see, these three individuals did an extraordinary job bringing our Michigan plants and animals to life throughout the pages of this guide.

Mr. John Paskus from the Michigan Natural Features Inventory must also be individually recognized for his contribution to this guide. The editors believe John's expertise, dedication, and strive for excellence substantially increased the quality and broadened the scope of this publication. 

As with any publication, there are many individuals who work behind the scenes making copies, assembling information, and providing support. We would like to thank them as an entity and let them know how much they are appreciated. One critical team player was Mr. Bruce Warren who should be applauded for not only his humor, but for preparing several chapters of this guide and being there whenever he was needed. 

Michigan United Conservation Clubs was commissioned to layout and print the manual. In particular, Ms. Jeanne Esch, MUCC Art Director, deserves esteemed recognition for her efforts in this area. Throughout the entire process, which at times was tedious and deadline demanding, she maintained a positive attitude and was truly a pleasure to work with. The editors would also like to thank Mr. Michael Soczik, MUCC Marketing Director, who provided financial administration.

As mentioned earlier, the Private Lands Working Group contrived this project. The Group is an assembly of public and private organizations with the goal of developing programs and projects to facilitate habitat development on private lands. In 1995, the group collectively set out to create a landowner guide that would instruct individuals how to manage their land for wildlife. The individuals listed below have been instrumental in the creation of this guide through one or more of the following ways: writing, reviewing, expertise, or support.

Private Lands Working Group Members:

Ms. Kathie Arney, MDNR, Forest Management Division
Mr. Dave Brakhage, Ducks Unlimited
Dr. Henry Campa III, Michigan State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Mr. Dan Dessecker, The Ruffed Grouse Society
Dr. Glen Dudderar, Michigan State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife 
Mr. Dave Ewert, The Nature Conservancy
Mr. Jim Goodheart, Pheasants Forever
Mr. Bill Gruhn, MDNR, Fisheries Division
Mr. Jim Hazelman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mr. Karl Hosford, Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Ms. Maureen Houghton, MDEQ, Land and Water Management Division
Mr. Jim Hudgins, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mr. Phillip Koch, National Resource Conservation Service, U. S.Department of Agriculture
Mr. Carl McIlvain, Michigan Farmers Union
Mr. Frank Nagy, Michigan Duck Hunters Association
Mr. Tom Nederveld, MDNR, Wildlife Division, emeritus
Ms. Kimberly Newmann, Natural Resource Conservation Service, U. S.Department of Agriculture
Mr. John Paskus, Michigan Natural Features Inventory
Mr. Bob Payne, Consolidated Farm Service Agency, U. S. Department of Agriculture
Mr. Ray Rustem, MDNR, Wildlife Division, Non-game Wildlife Program
Mr. Lynn Sampson, Natural Resource Conservation Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture
Mr. Mark Sargent, MDNR, Wildlife Division
Mr. Terry Schaedig, Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
Mr. Steve Sharp, Michigan National Wild Turkey Federation
Mr. Steve Shine, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Environmental Division
Ms. Marilyn Shy, Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
Mr. Vern Stephens, Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Mr. Gordon Terry, MDNR, Forest Management Division
Mr. Gildo Tori, Ducks Unlimited

Soon after the group began discussing the possibility of this publication, federal, state, and conservation organizations quickly provided the necessary funds to make the groups vision reality. The organizations listed below enthusiastically stepped forward to make a difference for the future of Michigan's wildlife. 

Financial Contributors:

The Hal and Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation
Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division, Private Lands Program and Non-game Wildlife Program
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Land and Water Management Division, Coastal Zone Management Program
Michigan Duck Hunters; Flint and Muskegon Chapters
Michigan Farmers Union
Michigan National Wild Turkey Federation 
The Nature Conservancy
Pheasants Forever; Calhoun, Clinton, Genesee, Hillsdale, Ingham, Lenawee, Montcalm, Saginaw, St. Clair, and Washtenaw Chapters
The Ruffed Grouse Society
United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Although at times we felt the end was far, far away, it is with much excitement that we provide this product to the public. Throughout this lengthy process, we have increased our own knowledge, built friendships, and strengthened ties -- all in the best interest of wildlife. Once again, thank you to all the individuals in the foreground and background that contributed to this publication and, most importantly, to you the public for taking steps toward natural resource conservation. Working together we can make a difference for wildlife. 

Editors and Project Coordinators:

Mr. Mark Sargent
MDNR, Wildlife Division
Ms. Kelly Siciliano Carter
MDNR, Wildlife Division,
and Michigan State University

Last Revised: May 10, 2000

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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The material is NOT copyrighted, however, please use the following citation:

Sargent, M.S and Carter, K.S., ed. 1999. Managing Michigan Wildlife: A Landowners Guide.  Michigan United Conservation Clubs, East Lansing, MI. 297pp.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs

This partnership was formed between both private and public organizations in order to address private lands wildlife issues. Individuals share resources, information, and expertise. This landowner’s guide has been a combined effort between these groups working towards one goal: Natural Resources Education. We hope this manual provides you with the knowledge and the motivation to make positive changes for our environment.